Custom Organizing Solutions

Why Design Your Closet?

1. Time Saving: Just think of going into your closet and know exactly where everything is.. Putting an outfit together will be much faster and easier.
2. Organized, Clean, Efficient: When having an efficiently organized closet you won’t have to sift though piles of clothing and shoes to find what your looking for. Everything will have it’s “place”
3. Add Home Value: A closet that is maximized with organization will simply add value to your home. Every property buyer looks at closet space when deciding on purchasing a home.
4. Start The Morning With A Smile: Mornings can sometimes be tough. Don’t let your closet put you into a bad mood. Your LBI closet should make you smile..
5.Great Closet With Any Size: You don’t have to have a huge walk in closet to maximize it’s efficiency. Custom closet design can happen within any size closet whether they are walk in or reach in.

Garage Design Tips:

1. What Do You Need To Store? With proper planning, your current mess can be transformed into a well organized efficient garage to store all your home and beach items. Plan out what you need to store into categories, like for example sporting items, car supplies, household supplies, beach items etc. That is the start of a well organized garage. Categorizing all items.
2. Where Do You Want To Utilize Storage Area? After everything is properly categorized, you will need to determine what is the best and most convenient locations for each of the categories and how will each item be stored.
3. Do You Need Shelves, Bins, Hooks Cabinets or Counter tops? Determining how and where you need to access items will determine the best way to properly store your items. Proper planning and design will make the best use of your garage space.
4. Flooring: Epoxy or rubber coatings are becoming more popular as people want to dress up their garage areas.
5. Garage Doors: A proper garage door with an opener is a great way to help the outside curb appeal as well as the interior garage design.

Maximize Your Home Office:

1. Location: Location of your home office is an often overlooked area. More and more people are spending more time working from a home office. A comfortable, quiet and easy to get to location is important. Minimizing distractions is important.
2. Function is Important: Organization of your desk, shelving, and storage of files and office supplies should be accessible easily and not be hard to get to. Home office furniture and book shelving should be properly laid out in the design process. A comfortable chair is a must as well. Your home office furniture should compliment the other rooms in your house and not look like a commercial office space.
3. Paint walls a color you love: This is a home office and not your primary office in most cases. It should be warm and inviting and not like a dungeon to do your work in. Cheery colors like orange, yellow or green in lieu of office beige should be considered.
4. Pick A Room With A View: Home office should be a warm place that is comfortable and have a view other than staring at the wall. If windows are not possible, then hang a nice picture of the outdoors or position the chair towards the door.
5. Choose Your Accessories Well: Accessories are part of the decor as well as adding functionality to the space. Determine the look you are going after by having all accessory items complimenting the space.
6. Unsightly Wires: Biggest mess in an office is a tangled mess of wires. With proper planning of a home office remodel, all wires can be hidden with the relocation of electrical outlets, phone lines and internet connection.

With our years of experience we will transform your closet, garage or home office into what you have always dreamed of. Call us today!