Designing Your New Bathroom

As with all our Design and Installation projects, LBI Kitchens and Baths works with you from start to finish on all projects. Below are a few tips to consider when thinking of your new Bath.

Designing You New Bathroom:

When designing your new bathroom, keep the following tips and suggestions in mind:
1. Make enough Counter and Storage Space: This is usually the biggest mistake. With proper planning and design a bath layout can sometimes be altered to allow a bigger vanity with more counter top and drawers for storage. Make you your bathroom have enough space to install tankless water heater,Don’t skimp on your planning you bathroom remodel.

2. Consider Storage: Take into account what needs to be stored in your bath. What are you storing in there now that you just doesn’t belong in there? By being more creative with the design, there are other places to store things than just under the vanity. Roll outs, built in shelving, matching medicine cabinets or tall pantry style cabinets are several ways to accomplish this while adding storage and beauty at the same time.

3. How many People Use Your Bathroom?: Make enough space for whoever is going to utilize the bath. If two people need to use the bathroom at the same time, then planning needs to happen before the bath remodel. There is nothing worse than two people in an overcrowded bath getting going especially in an early morning. If space is tight, consider one large sink basin with two faucet in lieu of two sinks.

4. Correct Size Tub: Large tubs are becoming more popular again, but make sure you have a plan for getting it in there. Door openings may have to be widened or a crane to hoist it up through a second story deck entrance. carefully measuring the entry plan up stairs and through all doorways and stairs is needed before ordering your tub.

5. Ventilation Is A Must: Just because you may not have a exhaust fan currently doesn’t mean that your new Bath remodel shouldn’t have one installed. Without a fan it creates a good environment for mold and mildew growth.

6. Comfortable Toilet: Think comfort height when replacing your toilet. They used to be called handicap toilets, but now “Comfort Height” is the proper terminology. Simply put they are just more comfortable, because the height is closer to that of a standard chair. Also, putting a toilet close to the door is never a good idea. When remodeling your LBI Bath, it is an easy time to change locations in most cases.

7. Specialty Tubs Should Be Considered: Are you planning to install a whirl pools tub in your bathroom? If so there must be access to the pump and motor for maintenance and possible future replacement.

8. Do you have Adequate Water Pressure?: Do not plan for multiple jets if your water pressure is inadequate as you will be disappointed when you LBI bath is complete.

9. Don’t Slip: No slip materials for a shower floor is something that should never be forgotten. Instead of unattractive stick on non slip stickers, there are plenty of attractive materials and tile to accomplish while also adding to the beauty of your bath renovation.

10. Lights and Outlets: Just like in your kitchen, lighting and electrical outlets are needed in the proper locations. This needs to be planned out prior to the construction begins.