Designing Your New Kitchen

LBI Kitchen and Bath Designs, works with you from start to finish on every project. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when you first start thinking about that New Kitchen or Bath.

Designing You New Kitchen:

When designing your new kitchen, keep the following tips and suggestions in mind:
1. Do Not put cabinets in to it just because you have the wall space. Sometimes more is not better. It can make the kitchen very tight n space and look cluttered. This is a common mistake people make.

2. Choose just one focal point: Choose just one focal point and build your kitchen design from that point. A decorative range hood, and arch over the window, a spice rack, or glass doors on a few cabinets. Again more is not better. Pick one focal point or accent, because it will take away from the natural beauty of your new kitchen.

3. Drawer placement is important: We provide free design services and take the time to design your kitchen so it is not just the most beautiful kitchen, but the most functional one on Long Beach Island as well. Drawer locations must be thought out about what you need to function efficiently.

4. Leave out the desk: A desk is for the office, and doesn’t belong in a kitchen. This will cause more unnecessary clutter and will ruin the sleek look of your new kitchen. Mail, paper, notes, computers, all do not belong in a kitchen. Leave that for the office!

5. Breakfast Bar = No Sink: Sinks are messy at times. They cause water splash, dishes piled up, etc. This is especially not needed if the breakfast bar is in an area adjacent to the living room with carpet, wood flooring or furniture. Not a good choice.

6. Do Not block major traffic areas: Do not block major traffic areas, especially with a stove. Having a stove in a major traffic area not only takes away from the look of your kitchen, but it is dangerous as well near a door, entrance or area with kids going past.

7. Stove placement should not be at the end of a run of counter: A stove needs to be in between counter and cabinets to allow for more working area. This gives a practical work environment so you can cook with ease.

8. Watch local codes: When designing your Kitchen, you will need to know your local codes of what can and cannot be done. Stove placement is a big concern as it must be 18″ from any combustible. get a copy of local codes before beginning your project!

9. Not Enough Space: Leave enough space between the island and the rest of the cabinets. Basic rule of thumb is 36″ clearance at an absolute minimum on all sides, but 42″ or more is much more comfortable. Anything less and you will hate your kitchen.

10. Lights and Outlets: Lighting and outlet placement is crucial to figure out in the design stage and not as an after thought. It is less money to install lighting and electrical outlets prior to the the kitchen being completed.