DIY Plumbing – What Every Husband Should Know

DIY Plumbing- What Every Husband Should Know

We all have water and drainage systems in our houses. While these provide convenience when you need water in the house and drainage of water out of the house, they might also be disastrous. This is because the drainage and delivery systems in our homes are made of pipes connected in and out of our houses. These pipes, irrespective of the material they are made from, may need maintenance at least once in a while. Even as these maintenance practices are not very difficult, most of us require the help of plumbers to do the jobs.

DIY plumbing

Small problems that need minor rectification may occur in your house. It is possible to save a little time and money by gathering tips on how to correct these malfunction in the house without calling a plumber. Here are some of the DIY plumbing tips you can use at home;

• Creaking pipes

Hot water causes expansion of copper pipes. When these pipes expand, they grind against the joists and pipe hangers, causing the creaking noise. To stop the creaking noise, you can get a felt that is adhesive-backed and then divide into strips. Remove one hanger at a time, wrap the pipe with the felt strips and then replace the hanger. This will help get rid of the creaking noise because the pipe will no longer grind on the hanger.

• Loud sinks

Your sinks may be producing loud sounds due to vibrations in the sink. To help solve this problem, purchase an expanding foam and fill in in between the underside of the two sinks. The foam is helpful in silencing the vibrations and therefore reducing the noise the sinks produce. This procedure can be done when the sink is already installed or before installation of the sink. However, it is easier done before installation of the sink.

• Plugs in the toilet

Sometimes, a toothbrush, a toy or even a comb may get stuck in the toilet and plug it. The most logical choice would be to go for the plunger, but this will not solve the problem. A plunger will most likely push the items further in the bowl of the toilet making them even more difficult to remove. To get rid of the items stuck in the toilet, you should use a dry or wet vacuum. Buy this vacuum from the shop and use it to suck out the stuck objects from the toilet to prevent blockage.

• Finding hidden pipes in your house

You may want to find a hidden pipe under the floor of your house for example when you are reconstructing your house and you do not want to damage it. This is quite easy and you can do it yourself at home. Attach neodymium magnet to an electrical fish tape ten feed it into the pipe trough the clean out plug. Then use a compass on the floor, as the magnet moves, the compass will turn to help you locate the movement of the pipe under the floor.


A plumber is a very important person in many homes today. This is because we contact plumber for all our drainage systems in our homes. However, it is easy to take care of some of your own plumbing problems without calling a plumber. Above are some of the plumbing tips you can use to repair your own systems without having to call a plumber.