Sump pump for your kitchen and bathroom to drain the dirty water

There are many little details that you need to be careful about, if you want your house to be well maintained. Sump pump is one of those requirements that will help you prevent flooding inside your house. You don’t want even a little bit of water moving on the floor of your ground. Drain tiles direct the water to the sump pump which then activates and gets the pit empty. There are several kinds o sump pump available in market and a little knowledge about each kind will help you decide which one you should purchase.

Pedestal Sump Pump

These are the pumps which are not completely submerged in water, but installed just above the water level. They are in-built with impeller which aims to provide force for pumping the water. The motor is located on the top and is supposed to remain away from water and only then, the sump pump will work. They are seen protruding above the basins which might not look as good in the area. Although it is quite affordable and works just fine.

Submersible sump pumps

They have more versatility and as the name suggests, they work only after you submerge them completely in water. It works more efficiently and doesn’t make much noise either, in comparison to pedestal sump pumps. They can be easily handled and won’t protrude out of your sink. They have known to be more durable as well. They come with tethered switch in which tether will be floating up and down according to the water level or with vertical switch where the switch would be moving straight up or down accordingly. It wouldn’t float. These switches serve the purpose of auto activation for your sump pump.

Effluent Pumps

The gray water can be removed using effluent pumps, which suggests the dish water or laundry water. Keep in mind that hazardous waste cannot be removed using it. If your sump pump is maintained and gets servicing every now and then, you would be able to recycle it to use the water for irrigation purposes. Although one should never use recycled water for drinking.

Battery Backup Systems to be kept in mind

A battery backup system is necessary if you want your pump to be working at all times. Otherwise, if you haven’t checked the pump or are out for a vacation your house may result in some flood damage during rains. It could happen that your sump pump runs out of battery when you are unaware. If you have battery backup, it will immediately activate on its own and supply the power to the sump pump.

In order to find best sump pump, you should check how it is manufactured. If its heavy duty material and has a good warranty, the sump pump will tend to work longer and efficiently.

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